Association Management Solutions

We recognize that every association has unique needs in setting the standards and meeting the expectations of the association’s membership.  Therefore, no matter what size your association budget, we have a customized solution for your association management needs.

Vantage Management Solutions is committed to understanding your membership needs to assist in meeting your association’s specific goals through industry knowledge and experience.  We not only offer administrative services, but champion solutions that will assist your association with strategic planning for your members’ professional success.

Here are just a few examples of how we can assist your association:

  • Daily Management & Administration
  • Financial Management
  • Facilities Contract Negotiations
  • Membership Recruitment & Retention
  • Meeting Facilitation & Registration Management
  • Newsletter Publishing & Distribution
  • Partnership Opportunities
  • Public Relations
  • Sponsorship Recruitment
  • Website Maintenance & Design
  • Social Media Design & Maintenance
  • For more information and to customize your specific association needs contact us today!